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The Ultimate Drawing Class
The Ultimate Drawing Class
The Ultimate Drawing Class

The Ultimate Drawing Class

Everyone can learn to draw!
* Have you always wanted to draw but have no idea where to begin?
* Do you already know the basics of drawing, but feel that you just aren’t progressing as much as you’d like to?
* Do you love to paint, but poor drawing skills get in the way?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, this is the class for you!

Drawing is the foundation for all art! Did you know that Vincent VanGogh drew for two years before he attempted to paint? It's true. Learning how to draw will help you grow in confidence as an artist, whether you are a beginner or have been creating art for your entire life. Developing a regular drawing practice will help you see the world in a new way. In
addition, drawing has been scientifically proven to:

* Improve Creativity
* Improve Memory
* Improve problem-solving
* Improve mobility & coordination
* Increase positive emotions

Art professor Leslie Stroz will lead you through a series of
projects that will have you producing work that makes you
proud. Using a combination of drawing from life and photos,
you will learn essential concepts like line, shape, value,
perspective, & composition. You will draw still life objects,
animals, and landscapes during this course with both graphite
and charcoal.

Class Time: Thursdays 1-3pm.

Dates: 6 weeks, beginning 7 Nov and ending 12 Dec

Materials: Supply list will be provided upon registration

Age: Suitable for over 16

Tuition: £120 for 6 week course

This class is taught at Black Barns Studio in Liverton (Gorse Blossom Farm, Staplehill Road, Liverton, Devon TQ12 6FU)


Student Testimonials:

“Professor Stroz is not only what I call an artistic “miracle-worker,” she is also an incredibly gifted artist herself, as well as a supportive instructor and friend.” -Emily

“The transformation of a student’s work after the completion of one of Professor Stroz’s classes is truly remarkable to observe. Upon leaving, students are rewarded by a great awareness of their own accomplishment, and the knowledge and skill to continue to grow.” -Hannah

“As a student, I am especially impressed by Leslie’s ability to convey information to her students in a way that is both thorough and easy to understand.” -Jessica


Wednesday 8 January 10:00am - Wednesday 12 February 2020 1:00pm


Black Barns Studio, Gorse Blossom Farm, Staplehill Road, Liverton , Devon, TQ12 6FU

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