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Pest and the Profound

Pest and the Profound

What do insects, an ambulance stretcher and Trump have in common? They all feature in Sarah Vaci’s debut solo exhibition “Pest and the Profound”.

Sarah Vaci is a practicing contemporary artist based in Devon and London. Her provocative portraits and sculptures confront the viewer with their dynamic explorations of power, transformation, gender and politics. Her debut exhibition will showcase “Pest” an organic installation featuring Trump, Putin and Kim Jong-un using wool portraiture and live moth larvae, subverting iconic masculinity through the soft, feminine nature of fibre.

It was during her degree in Time Based Media at the Kent Institute of Art and Design that Sarah first examined power dynamics particularly in sadism and eroticism which led to a series of stop motion films, a method not traditionally used for these themes while providing a unique contrast. Her early career working in prisons, hospitals and with children with autism led to an interest in biology and the mind and this passion influenced her successive work and highlighted an interest in the transient nature of life.

Throughout the past 20 years Sarah has continued to produce and direct short films investigating the nature of taboo and the psyche, alongside completing an MA in Cross-sectoral and Community Arts from Goldsmiths College and teaching at the British Museum. More recently Sarah has begun exploring creative expression though other materials such as wool, silicone and resin however the transformational nature of animation and a fascination with power, death and the ephemeral is still in evidence throughout her work.

'Pest and the Profound will launch on July 24th, 18:00-20:00 with the exhibition running from 25th-31st July. For more information on Artizan Gallery visit or for what to expect in 2019 head to More details on this exhibition can be found at


Wednesday 1 December 2021


Artizan Gallery, 7 Lucius Street, Torquay, Devon, TQ2 5UW

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