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One year Online Sketchbook Workshop
One year Online Sketchbook Workshop
One year Online Sketchbook Workshop

One year Online Sketchbook Workshop

ONLINE One year sketchbook workshop – Along the Water’s Edge.
Fundraising for Community Arts :-Running from July 2020 – June 2021.
This 12 month online project has been created to help support our Community Visual Arts Organisations.
The Full course fee of £60 will be donated by you to :-
either TAAG (Teignmouth Arts Centre)
or Double Elephant Print Workshop.

The one year sketchbook workshop starts in July 2020.
It has been designed to support & encourage participants to use sketchbooks creatively as an experimental playground, a safe space to try out ideas, collect research & document progress.
At the start of each month I will send out, by email one of twelve instalments / challenges : -
themes, prompts, ideas, examples, demonstrations, web links, resource materials.
We will be drawing inspiration from our Coastal Shorelines & River Edges.
I will demonstrate ways you might develop ideas from these topics as the basis for your own research.
I will create & share examples to illustrate how you can use your sketchbooks to observe, record, render and archive your research beyond simply 'drawing' in your book.
I hope to encourage everyone to try out new ways to experiment with mark making, drawing and painting.
I will show you how to combine different materials, including print, collage & stitch, to add detail, colour
and texture in your studies in order to 'investigate' alternative compositional opportunities.
Some of the monthly themes / challenges may appeal to you more than others and it’s perfectly fine if you want to skip one or two and concentrate on previous starting points.
It really is about getting involved in your own ‘sketchbook journey’.

We will be working with a modest list of materials, to ensure the workshop content is 'inclusive'.
I will also provide examples of works which have been created using alternative, more complex or specialised media. (relief printmaking, drypoint, monoprint, etching, print & stitched textiles & painting)

A newsletter will be sent out later in the month.
In this I hope to summarise what has been covered, add useful information, answer questions,
provide artists links & include anything else which seems useful.

The Closed Facebook Group will be there as a 'sharing space' for you all to post up images or comments & support everyone’s progress while offering POSITIVE feedback to each other. I will see how that goes.
Some people won't / don't use Facebook so it’s in here just as a bonus.
I hope we will be able to build a supportive environment over the year where you can encourage everyone’s creativity, experimentation and successes.

I'm reworking my website at present …….. but it should be up and running very soon.
There will be a clearly marked section for WORKSHOP CONTENT - maybe even some videos?

Please do get in touch if you are interested in taking part – Douglas Anderson
You will make your course payment of £60 directly to Double Elephant Print Workshop or TAAG.
A place on this year-long course is via a £60 donation (Just £5 a month)
via the course listing on
the Double Elephant website –
& TAAG website –
Every contribute you can offer makes a big difference to a small, community arts charity or group.

Water’s Edge Sketchbook Project – registration closes on 20th June 2020.

Please do pass this information on to anyone you think might be interested in joining in – I am really looking forward to working with everyone over the next year.


Wednesday 1 July 2020 2:39pm - Wednesday 30 June 2021 2:39pm

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PuddleDay Press

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