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Oceans Energy: Works of Lynsey James

Oceans Energy: Works of Lynsey James

To round off July, Artizan Gallery brings you this exclusive “flash” exhibition of new works by Lynsey James, as part of her coastal tour.

The Exhibition focuses on her current body of work comprising a collection of original abstract acrylics on canvas, both traditional square and rectangular as well as contemporary circular and triangular, in a range of sizes from 8in x 8in to 5ft x 3ft. A number of the smaller works (square, circular, triangular) will be hung in a sequence giving the effect of one large painting and can be sold as an entirety or individually. Also available are a selection of framed high quality prints on archival paper.

This latest work is inspired by the harmonious energy of the natural world particularly the movement of oceanic waters. Deep blues, indigo, violet and turquoise mingle with lighter hues to create a rich palette reflective of the many and varied moods that is characteristic of our planet’s oceans. Blue is a deeply Spiritual colour resonating at a high, pure frequency. It is a colour that is also found in many crystal gemstones. The paintings contain hints of lapis lazuli, amethyst, turquoise - all natural elements of the earth, with their own subtle vibrational energy.

The process by which the paintings have been created replicates the dynamic nature and movement of water energy. Lynsey deliberately surrenders control of the creative process as much as possible to natural forces in order to achieve this.

​ The depth of colour and vibrant energy expressed in each work coalesces to evoke a sense of wellbeing, happiness and positivity in the viewer. We have all experienced a sense of connection to the sea environment whether it be a beach holiday in Cornwall, walking along a sun kissed shore in the Maldives or tasting the sea spray on a windswept, craggy headland. Through the layers, mesmerising form and blending of colour Lynsey invites the viewer to probe deeper and awaken their own connection to the energy of the oceans – a primal link as old as humanity itself.


Monday 23 July 12:18pm - Saturday 28 July 2018 5:00pm


Artizan Gallery, 7 Lucius Street, Torquay, Devon, TQ2 5UW

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