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Jim Dewar

Wonwell II

Bird, Madonna or Seashell?

Sculpture collage

Various sculptures in my ballet duet series and others in ceramics, wood,, plaster and metal.

Ballet Duet 2

Based on the ballet Romeo and Juliet and combining the dance of the knights with the lovers dancing a round each other building the passionate tension between them.

Neptune and the Mermaid

Maquette for a monumental sculpture
28cms high

Lockdown in Kingston

Acrylic to record the positive effect on wild flowers during lockdown
50 x40cms.

Periwinkle Vase

Slab built earthenware pot.
20cms high

Abstract Sculpture

Conceptually derived from seashells worn by the sea to create holes in/through them. Ceramic earthenware metal glazed.
23cms high

Guitar Player

Plaster carved figure inspired by Picasso
14cms high

At ease at anchor

Acrylic of boats moored in the Kingsbridge estuary

Button Bowl

Slab built earthenware bowl buttoned togther.
21cms dia. X8.5cms high

Jim Dewar

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I love to explore all art forms. My greatest interest is in sculpting, fabrication and carving. I have yet to realize the monumental sculptures I envision when producing my ballet duet figures. During lockdown, and since, I've continued to hone my ceramic skills in both pottery and sculpting and explored my digital art gallery subjects and techniques to reproduced these images in print and on pottery.


Address: Kingston near Modbury, Devon, PL21 0TQ