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Jayne Farleigh

Time Machine

My work is about my travels and experiences as a mother and artist. This painting is from a trip to the Ottery St Mary Tarr Barrels Event. I am reflecting on the use of plastics as attractive toys, throw away item's thats often seem exciting for children.
61cm x 91cm

One Fine Day Teignmouth

Acrylic on canvass. I loved the light and shadows on Teignmouth sea front. This family stepped out in front of me and I loved the whole scene, this was many generations of family taking a walk as many of us do. I liked the fact the family was connected in the shadows as the mother was golding hands with the child and this is repeated in the shadow. This family connection means something to me. It was a bracing cold wind but that low winter sun captures my imagination. Wonderful!
38cm x 34cm framed

You Light Up The World

In 2019 I was helping out at the Teignmouth Lantern Festival. With this spontaneous painting I was aiming to capture the feeling of crowds and excitement. The deeper meaning here is that I have been reflecting on children having the weight of the current global problems on their shoulders. This boy is leading the crowd forward. He is the future.
40cm x 50cm

The Girls About Town

Inspired by a trip to The Mall Galleries in London. I had a painting shown with the Society Of Woman Artists. The Girls About Town was about that exhilaration of being in such a show and being in London and feeling free to indulge in my love of art child free for a couple of days!
80cm X 60cm

Sunset Estuary

Acrylic on Board. I have created a series of paintings from an evenings walk at Topsham Devon. I was so inspired by this blue cloud formation over the estuary the atmosphere was electric. What an amazing sunset!
72 x 62 cm

Estuary Sunset

Acrylic on Board. I love the estuary at Topsham. This was while standing along the wall by the goat walk. I was watching the sun go down it was just mesmerizing! I love describing the mud, the colours and the textures as the sun reflects from its surface. The emptiness I find peaceful and you can find your own thoughts while standing infront of such vast beauty.
38 x 36cm

Jayne Farleigh

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I am drawing on my experiences as an artist and a mother. I explore different sources of light in my work and how these create atmosphere. I am fascinated by shadows and the connections they make between people and places. I sell my paintings both locally and internationally. You can see my paintings at the South Gate Gallery in Exeter or make an appointment to come to my studio.I welcome commissions.