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Jan Traylen

Avebury Beeches

'Veins' of roots in a cluster of Beech Trees around the stone circle area of the village.

Tree of Mankind

Old Oak in The Lake District

Hergest Ridge Yew

Ancient weathered tree

Full Stride

Old Hawthorn tree


Sandy beach near Mumbai

Textile Workshop

Handloom Design Center, Bhujodi, Gujarat, India
21x30 cm

Decaying Car

Nature reclaimes in a slightly desaturated image
30 x 21 cm

Sharp Tor

A Hawthorne tree clings to the tor

Old Hawthorne

Split and worn after many years growing on an exposed hillside in Dorset.
35x25 cm

Split Hawthorne

Black & white film image. A very old tree is split and worn out after many years growing in an exposed hill in Dorset
31x21 cm

Old Tooth - ancient Hawthorne

from b&w negative

Jan Traylen

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Jan Traylen

I'm showing personal works created over the years. The subject is often nature, shot on black and white film or digital capture with the accent on graphic qualities which I find has a directness. Some examples from "A Body of Roots" collection: body parts of trees, one of nature's oldest living things. I have a range of high-quality greeting cards (5"x7"), these can be viewed on my website.


Address: Easternhill Farm, Dunsford, Doddiscombsleigh, Exeter, Devon, EX6 7BW

Phone: 01647 252430