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Dave King


Wood, stone, aluminium, steel, cloth, wire, rope & paint
293 x 279 x 60 cms.


Commission for NCC Ltd.East India Dock, London - coated steel/bronze
5.94 x 3.3 x 3.38 metres

Helen's House

painted wood/bronze
255 x 174 bx 97 cms.

Earth Red House

painted wood with added metal objects/tools etc.
198 x 125 x 61 cms.


painted wood/bronze 232x194x56cms. 1992/93

Waves, Memories

VIVACE Festival, St Louis, MO.1985, steel,
length 55 feet


pencil & acrylic, drawing for sculpture

Still Life

stoneware ceramic
53 x 31 x 26 cms.

Haste du Feuer

Bronze. edition no. 2/6
26 x 22 x 11 cms.


unique bronze
24 x 17 x 18.5 cms.

Hide (and Seek)

built from recycled/already painted wood
33 x 22 x 16 cms.

House of the Poet

pencil and acrylic, drawing for sculpture
81.5 x 60.5 cms.

Dave King

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Dave King

I am a studio based sculptor with extensive exhibitions experience that has included both temporary and permanent large scale artworks sited in the UK, North America and in Ireland. Using plaster, wood, steel, cast and fired clay, bronze, wax and paint I have developed a lexicon of imagery and visual ideas in over forty years of practise which continues to play a part to this day. I occupied an Acme studio in the East End of London for nearly thirty years until 2009 and taught sculpture in Higher Education and in Adult Education in support of my studio work. This included the full-time role of Principal Lecturer/Head of Sculpture at West Surrey College of Art and Design/Farnham and acting as external assessor at several art colleges including Chelsea School of Art, Norwich and the Royal College of Art. I took early retirement from all academic commitments in 2002/2003.

We moved from London to Devon six years ago and I have established a sizeable new barn studio. Drawing plays a large part in my practise and I hope soon to return to printmaking alongside sculpture and drawing in this dramatic new space.

Dave King - August 2015


Address: Hook Farm, Chardstock, Axminster, Devon, EX13 7DD