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Daniel Loveday


It's an environmental metaphor. The game between the forces that would destroy our environment and the fragile environment itself. A chess game in which the pieces are being taken, one by one, above the players heads the collapse is happening. The fishbowl, a symbol of a fragile life system, is kicked over by the greed of capitalism. Everyone for themselves.
85 × 118 × 3 cm

Goldfish III

90 x 90 cm

The Last Tree

This could have been titled The Money Eaters, it's based on the famous saying: 'When the last tree Is cut down, the last fish eaten, and the last stream poisoned, you will realise that you cannot eat money' The painting is a metaphor for environmental destruction. So when the last tree is left standing what's the best course of action? A corporation buys it, puts it on display and charges people for the privilege of seeing it. The sky is a polluted dirty orange beyond the dome, whilst inside the audience sit silently as witnesses in a court who won't speak, they are subdued with a light show of the creatures that might once have existed alongside the tree. Others in the front have purchased money with their last grains of food from a heavily guarded vendor, having been persuaded by the man in the suit that money is good to eat.
100 x 100cm

Generation Mutha Board

Computer technology is a mixed blessing. My old job as a graphic designer meant that I was forever being sucked into the minutia of computer software. Sometimes my computer seemed the only real thing. We observe the world through the neurone of a mother board and forget to connect with nature. When printing started to die thanks to new technology I tried designing websites but it was driving me even more insane with all its coding until one day I had the chance to look up and experience the world as it is. What's more I started painting again and what's more, no longer sedentary staring at a computer I lost weight, then I was able to sell my newly created artwork on... yes you guessed it, the internet, via my computer on Artfinder. My message is; enjoy what technology brings but don't get sucked into it, the real world is out of that window you're sitting next to.
122 × 92 × 2 cm

The Juggler

Playing with creation. Just trying to get a sunset, a full moon, and a lot of planets into one painting... oh and an ocean and a galaxy too... and a juggler for good measure.
90 x 90cm


Another Day at the Office


On the Wheel




Blue Diamond

Formation II


Daniel Loveday

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