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Andrew Sinclair

The David Bowie Sculpture

Andrew Sinclair's life-size bronze David Bowie tribute sculpture was unveiled on 25 March 2018 in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire. Featuring Bowie as Ziggy Stardust in the centre, a more mature Bowie benevolently looks back at his earlier incarnation as Ziggy. Behing the main figures is a bas-relief featuring 13 portraits of Bowie's many personas thrughout his career from 1969 - 2016.
7ft x 8 ft

Duke of Wellington's Regiment - 1700's soldier

This bronze life-size sculpture represents a DWR soldier from the 17th century - he is the first soldier of three to be completed and is part of a huge memorial for the Duke of Wellington's Regiment, which will be unveiled in March 2019.

Three Sisters

Commissioned as a surprise for their Dad's 40th birthday present, this bronze life-size commission is a beautiful and unusual composition which captures the three sisters in a moment in time.
3ft high - life-size.

The Condottiere

This life-size portrait of a Condottierre (mercenary soldier from the middle ages) is a fascinating portrait study which tells a story through it's symbolism - the money pouch, skull and raven all representing the mercenary aspects of his dangerous life. .
3ft high - life-size portrait.

Andrew Sinclair

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Andrew Sinclair


Address: Ridgeway Sculpture Design, Bondleigh, North Tawton, Devon, EX20 2AP

Phone: 01837 82879