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Amanda Glendenning

Stumpwork Casket

Lidded casket with padded silk & linen panels. Techniques used include stumpwork, canvaswork & blackwork, with plant fragments & bird skeleton with metallic embroidered wings.
L 22cm x W 17cm x H 20cm

Hawthorn Mother: Gwendolen

Life-size female head sculpted in leather & canvas, braided woollen wig & headdress. Whitework veil embroidered with hawthorn garlands, eyelets & metallic scalloped edge. wooden & padded silk stand; metallic wired collar & beaded hair ornaments; lunaria seed pods.
Height 60 cm

Dragonfly Musical Box

Custom-made oval lidded musical box in panels of padded black silk, embroidred with a design of an ornamental pool & wisteria etc. Applied beaded, wired & padded waterlily, dragonfly & goldfish. Inner compartment lined in green silk contains beaded Emperor dragonfly with metallic thread wings, which revolves to the music.
L 23cm x W 15cm x H 10cm


Life-size female head sculpted in leather, silk & felt. Applied feathers with embroidered & wired flowers. Mounted on a black silk-satin upholstered & embroidered frame. Based on the Welsh tale of Blodeuwedd, the flower maiden transformed into an owl.
L 62cm x W 52cm

Dr Dee

Doublet constructed from a collection of vintage silk ties. Decorated with beadwork stag beetles; applied canvaswork salamanders & serpent; leather stumpwork dragons & passementerie buttons in four designs. Heavily padded & lined in yellow silk with applied tie labels. Displayed on wire mannequin with stag horns. Dr John Dee was Queen Elizabeth 1's magician.


Life-size female head sculpted in leather & calico. Elaborate Geisha headdress with applied leather, velvet & silk chrysanthemums; silk embroidered fox collar; fake-fur & velvet ears. Mounted in frame made from silk & leather pieced embroideries inspired by kimono fabrics. Based on the Japanese tale of the Kitsune, or fox-ghost.
L 74cm x W 64 cm

Amanda Glendenning

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I trained in fine art embroidery at Manchester, then later took a careership in horticulture. Now these strands intertwine. Inspired by the natural world, I make intricate hand-embroideries using traditional techniques, then sculpt them into three-dimensional forms. Combining a fascination for myth, folklore & the history of embroidered textiles & costume, I'm currently working on a series of pieces on the theme of metamorphosis.