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To promote, celebrate and champion the visual arts in Devon
Welcome to DAN

Devon Artist Network (DAN) is a membership organisation set up to promote the visual arts and create opportunities for artists and makers in Devon.

DAN was established in 2004 and is a non-profit making organisation initiating a range of projects across the county including the well established Devon Open Studios (DOS) event that runs annually in September.

Featured Artist: Wendy Pope

I have lived in Devon all my life, studying art to A-level (Fine Art).

Subject matter for my art is drawn from my deep love of Nature and in particular, of trees, which I see as being a very important part of my own and, indeed, every human being's life.

Trees are a continual source of inspiration to me, not least because they are ever-changing; the seasons come and go and our trees reflect this by dropping some or all of their leaves, and/or by changing the colour of their leaves as part of the process of renewal. We can identify with this, because the same thing happens as we ourselves grow old; our appearance changes and our own foliage - our hair - can change colour and occasionally fall.

I try to show different aspects of trees in my work, from the sheer, delicate beauty of a leaf, to the distortions of gnarled trunks and varying textures of bark.

But I don't create images only of trees! The medium and style I choose to use for each piece is determined by my interpretation of whatever I am drawing upon for inspiration. It is impossible for me to give an example, as I do not know myself until I sit down and begin to map out my ideas. However, in the past I have referred to the work of Franz Marc for the brighter, more cubist representations; to Raoul Dufy for simplistically fluid, yet beautiful line and wash; and to Georges Braque for vibrant, swirling abstract representation.

I paint mainly in acrylics but I also use pen and ink, coloured pencil, oil pastels/bars and soft pastels.

A lot of my work is very detailed, particularly the pen and ink, line and wash and coloured pencil. Trees are an excellent subject for detailed work, particularly those with a more textured bark.

I would generally describe my style, such as it is, as being colourful, bright and with a bias towards the graphic and the illustrative.



I am presently creating a range of images - yes, of trees! - for an exhibition in the latter part of 2015. This will mark 10 years since I held my last exhibition.


I have penned a collection of haiku that I will be making into a small book, with my artwork illustrating the facing pages of each haiku. I envisage creating a handful of original books - binding them myself - and a supply of printed copies.

Forthcoming Events

 Tuesday, 09 December 2014


Studio/workshop to let in the New Year

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 DAN Events for 2015

 Thursday, 01 January 2015

DAN's Events Calendar has been brought up to date - any additional events will be added as soon as they are confirmed.

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 Artizan Gallery

 Tuesday, 06 January 2015


Twenty Nine artists from around the Bay and beyond

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