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Home Page for Jane Perkins

I work as an artist in found materials, taking inspiration from found objects and working them into something new. I love art with an element of fun and the unexpected and I love what I do!

Having worked for 17 years as a nurse and 10 years as a Mum at home, I took a degree in textiles at Somerset College of Arts and Technology, graduating with a First in 2006. During the course, I particularly enjoyed the recycling projects and  made recycling the focus of my final year.

Since 2008, I have been making iconic portraits from found materials.
In 2010, I started making Plastic Classics, re-interpreting famous Artworks using the same method. I use any materials of the right size and shape; plastic toys, beads, buttons, shells etc. No colour is added - all materials are exactly as found.

Since 2010, I have been represented by Will's Art Warehouse, a gallery in Putney, London. My work has been sold in London, New York and Singapore.

Contact Details

Address: Deer Park View,  East Town,  Kenton,  Exeter,  EX6 8NH,  United Kingdom
Email: Contact Jane Perkins
Home Telephone: 01626 890452


 The Queen
Perkins_Queen of Bling - Copy.JPG Collage from Found Materials, 2010 70 x 50cm 
 Jane with Sunflowers, after Van Gogh
Perkins_jane perkins - Copy.JPG Collage from Found Materials, 2011 
Perkins_Einstein.jpg Collage from Found Materials, 2011 70cm x 50cm 
 Father Christmas
Perkins_Father Christmas - Copy.jpg Collage from Found Materials, 2010 

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